Meet the owner


the owner

Meet The Owner –  Abdul Ahad

My name is Abdul, and I recently took the risk in 2015, to acquire this restaurant. It was a big feat no doubt, requiring to have a complete reshuffle of the restaurant, from hiring an award winning chef, hiring new, qualified and friendly staff and a new management team to make sure that the service and food in City Spice is outstanding and outstanding only.

It took a while, but since then, the restaurant has never been better, since September last year, City Spice has been gaining numerous awards, certificates and incredibly pleased customers. (A much more positive change from previous years.) From winning Masterchef 2015, being listed on the 2016 Cobra Good Curry Guide and winning TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence in 2016,” I believe that ever since me and my family took over the restaurant (which has just been over a year.) City spice has become one the best restaurants in East London:). And by the amount of famous accredited celebrities I have met – let’s just say that making sure that City Spice stays at the top of Brick Lane has it’s perks.

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