best chicken/lamb tikka masala brick lane

You can find the best chicken/lamb tikka masala brick lane is nowhere else than the City Spice London. The best Indian restaurant brick lane in the brick lane proves itself as the best Indian curry house in the brick lane. It specializes in all kinds of best Indian curries. So, This is the first Indian restaurant that claims, It introduced the first-ever complete menu of the best Indian vegan food in London. No doubt, To try England’s national dish the best place is City Spice London.

The best Indian curry house brick lane hires talented chefs that can make all kinds of Indian and Bangladeshi curries. When we are talking about chicken/lamb tikka masala this means a much popular dish with so many variations. Undoubtedly, The best one is City Spice London. They prepare the boneless chicken marinade and then cook it in tandoors. Then the chicken tikka masala sauce prepares with a creamy texture and mild spices.

history of chicken tikka masala:

The most common fact about it is that tikka masala was invented in Glasgow by a Bangladeshi chef, just to please the customer. Who complained about spicy dry skewer tikka and the chef made a special curry and then present it. Which later resulted in extreme favoritism for the Indian curries. But it became more popular in Britain as compared to other countries. It gained so much fame that in Britain’s every royal function Chicken tikka masala was the must dish. The royal functions considered in complete without this best Indian curry.

After some time, Chicken/lamb tikka masala became a common food all over the Britain. The separate street known as  brick lane in the Southeast end of Britain became famous for the best Indian curry houses on Brick lane.

side dishes to serve with the best chicken/lamb tikka masala brick lane:

The most authentic question ever. Especially when you are going to dine in the best Indian curry house brick lane. There are a lot of options all that goes very well with the best Indian curry. Most of them are City Spice’s best served side dishes.

mint raita:

City spice’s fresh mint raita goes very well with the chicken tikka masala.

plain nan:

Plain nan goes very well the best Indian curry.

best aloo bhaji:

Aloo bhaji (samosa) are the side dishes or starters that makes best accompaniments with the curry.

plain basmati rice:

plain basmati rice are the great accompaniment of the lamb tikka masala.