Bricklane: the curry lane of UK

Bricklane: the curry lane of UK

Bricklane has long be regarded as the curry lane of UK with best Indian restaurants of London offering delicious curries to Londoners and tourists alike. However, the culture of Bricklane is extremely rich and best curry houses in London is not the only thing that it offers to the visitors. Being close to Liverpool street station, it has a very strategic location and is on the bucket list of many tourists visiting London. Let’s have a look on some of the best things of Bricklane:


Everyone who lives in the UK is familiar with the classics of Indian cuisine such as the Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Chops. City Spice London has celebrity chefs making the amazing Indian delicacies for the guests which has made it extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike who have crowned it the best Indian restaurant in bricklane. City Spice serves some of the best curries in bricklane which include all the classic favourites such as chicken tikka masala and jalfrezi. However, everyone who likes Indian curry loves Indian grill even more and City Spice grills the best lamb chops in Bricklane by far. City Spice has its secret reciepes which have not changed since the restaurant’s inception which gives the food its unique flavour and makes it the most authentic Indian curry house in Bricklane.

Best Curry Restaurant in Bricklane
Desi Food in Bricklane.




Bricklane has become a hub of cult entertainment owing to its artistic vibe and the work of numerous brilliant artists which spans throughout the length of Bricklane. One can never get enough of staring at the various graffiti pieces and works of art by the masterful local artists. It also serves as the link between East London and Shoreditch which is famous for its night life and contains some of London’s most famous night clubs such as XOYO and Old Street Records.


Anyone who likes the classic vintage clothes and what has been dubbed as the London’s street style is definitely acquainted with the vintage market of Bricklane. This vintage market has one of its doors right oppositie the best curry house in bricklane, City Spice. Here you will find refurbished classic clothes from brands like adidas, polo Ralph Lauren and nike, etc. This market, which is regarded as the biggest vintage market in England contains timeless pieces of clothing for youngsters.

To sum it up, apart from just the best curry house and delicious Indian food, Bricklane has a lot to offer to the people visiting it and has already become London’s next biggest tourist spot.