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The King Of

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With a restaurant reputation highly coveted by national media, there is no doubt that, at the very least, City Spice is the best restaurant on Brick Lane. From Evening Standard, to the Metro and even the Independent, City Spice has had a positive response from a plethora of media outlets.

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Metro saying City Spice is The Best Restaurant In Brick Lane
Evening Standard saying City Spice Is The Best Restaurant On Brick Lane


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A Michelin

inspired reputation

With City Spice’ plenitude of awards, the constant media appreciation and the applause from critics nationwide arguing City Spice is the best restaurant on Brick Lane, there was no surprise when City Spice was voted to be the only restaurant in the UK, to go to India and Sri Lanka, on a quest to show the countries how best to cook our cuisine.

Accompanied by British Dignitaries, Industry Award Winning Chefs, as well as Michelin Starred Chef Rupert Rowley, who has helped craft our lauded vegan menu – City Spice has spread its reputation globally.

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Applauded by


With a far-reaching presence within the curry industry, City Spice has also been reviewed extensively by multiple bloggers, who are all connoisseurs of curry. Thankfully, our reviews are all outstanding, demonstrating how we truly are the King of Brick Lane.

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Located on the street renowned for its exquisite indian food – City Spice has to do a lot of work to live up to it’s claim of being the King Of Brick Lane, and boy, does it do that, located at the heart of Brick Lane, City Spice’ newly-refurbished grandiose decor shows that this restaurant deserves it’s plethora of unique awards.

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City Spice is the perfect restaurant for world-class food, our specialties have been highly recommended by curry guides and critiques all over the UK, so it’s no wonder we have a big list of celebrity clientele that love dining at City Spice as much as they can. From Premier League footballers to acclaimed fashion designers to TV personalities – you might be lucky to spot a celebrity dining at City Spice almost every day of any week. They know the food is magnificent and do as much as they can to enjoy it – so we ask that you should try us out too!

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Meet the


My name is Abdul, and I recently took the risk in 2015, to acquire this restaurant. It was a big feat no doubt, requiring to have a complete reshuffle of the restaurant, from hiring an award winning chef, hiring new, qualified and friendly staff and a new management team to make sure that the service and food in City Spice is outstanding and outstanding only.

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